About Patty

Patty Kim is the middle daughter of Korean immigrants who came to the United States speaking very little English. Her father worked hard and eventually graduated from the University of Southern California with a graduate degree in Management. The family later moved to Washington D.C., where her father went to work for the U.S. Department of Defense and her mother opened a small flower shop. Patty grew up working in her mom’s flower shop, attending public schools and being active in her church youth groups.

In 1991, Patty was accepted to Boston College where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications.

Patty on TVAfter graduation Patty went to work as a production assistant, associate producer, and writer at two Washington DC stations before she was hired as an anchor/reporter in Hagerstown, Maryland. For two years she anchored the morning show for the NBC affiliate winning an award from the Maryland Department of Education for a report on innovative teaching programs. In 2000, Patty was hired at WHP-CBS 21 and moved to Harrisburg where she reported the top news stories of the day. Later, she moved to the mornings, reporting and anchoring extensively for the weekend and morning broadcasts. Patty resigned from WHP-CBS 21 in the fall of 2004 in order to raise a family.

Patty speaks with residentsDetermined to improve the city in which she was raising her daughter, Patty decided to run for City Council to address the lack of opportunities in Harrisburg and improve public safety. After knocking on 500 doors and reaching out to thousands of city residents, Patty went on to receive the most votes in the Democratic primary in a field of eleven candidates. On City Council, Patty became the Chairwoman of Public Safety overseeing the Harrisburg Police and Fire Departments. Patty focused on both traditional and non-traditional approaches to crime including successfully funding additional patrol officer positions in three budgets and expanding summer programs for teens. In 2007, Patty became Chair of Public Works which oversees the infrastructure of the city. After providing critical leadership in reforming  the Harrisburg Authority, Patty pushed for increased transparency and worked with the new Authority board as it began to restructure its dangerously overburdened finances.

In 2011, Patty decided she could do more for her region in the State House and went on to win a four-way primary to be the Democratic Nominee for the 103rd District. During the campaign, Patty was a leader in speaking out against the gerrymandering of the 15th Senatorial district, which could have disenfranchised thousands of area voters. In September of that year, Patty was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention where she was proud to help nominate President Barack Obama for a second term.

Patty won the General Election and was sworn in January 1, 2013, making history as the first woman to serve the 103rd House District, and the first Korean-American woman in the Pennsylvania Legislature.

Patty lives in the City of Harrisburg with her husband, John Sider, and their two children.